Marketing For The Greater Good

Marketing and Branding Consulting for Nonprofits and Small Business that gives back

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Partnering with you as an agency of change

When you become a client of Adena Marketing, the money we make, less expenses, goes back into the community at large. The marketing dollars spent with us helps support local initiatives in health and wellness, addicition recovery, economic development and community revitalization.

Empowering your great ideas

The economic climate is constantly shifting, and there's so many unknowns. Whether it's unemployment, new development, supporting small, local businesses new and old, our mission is simple – to empower your ideas and help you find your purpose. No one should go without an opportunity to thrive – whether you are part of a small business, or a nonprofit organization, our goal is to get you to the finish line.

Marketing Consulting

Need help navigating important business decisions? Are customers having trouble relating to your brand? Is your current marketing ineffective? Let us see how we can help develop a framework for your entire organization.

Website Development

Websites are just one of the many important tools in your marketing arsenal, much like a brick-and-mortar location, it's your customer's window into your business. Make sure your window is clean and crystal clear.

Marketing Training

Want to know more about managing your social media or web presence? Utilize small business grants to receive valuable training programs on branding, social media, and more. Developed from our experience in helping businesses like yours.