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HIPAA and Websites

HIPAA, or The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a federal regulation that ensures data privacy and security provisions for keeping medical information safe. With the advent of digital health records, digital recordkeeping, and health information websites/databases, we’re seeing, and will see more compromised patient information. What can your practice do to keep your patient’s information safe?

Don’t sign anymore lengthy SSL contracts!

The world of web hosting and internet security is going through a change right now – previously, in order to secure your website with SSL, you had to sign a lengthy and somewhat expensive contract with one of the bigger certificate issuers. Currently, the SSL industry is coming to an end, and more reputable hosts are offering up a better alternative.

7 Tips for Beating Small Business Cabin Fever

When you own a small business – whether it’s new, or it’s been around awhile, it can get pretty lonely, especially if you work alone, or if you work remotely. Here are some tips to beat the cabin fever that comes with Entrepreneurship.

4 Powerful Tools We Use For Remote Work

Adena Marketing does a lot of remote work, and we heavily promote that lifestyle. Sure, there are drawbacks, and some things are easier to do in-person, and that’s why we have specific policies in place for telecommuting. However, we do take some of the money we save, and invest heavily in our business infrastructure, here are some powerful tools we use to keep in touch and coordinate with each other when we’re not together.